Limited Edition

Summer in Montecarlo

Summer in Montecarlo with the Hipnos and Nicte Cards inspired by the Montecarlo casino and poker cards, this collection is inspired by each symbol of the Poker Deck, transporting us to a parallel universe.
Each pajama represents a type of attributes: hearts, love, clubs, fortune, and spades, nobility.


Limited Edition Summer in Montecarlo

Limited Edition


Inspired by the Greek sculpture characterized by anthropocentrism, proportion and balance.
This limited edition collection pays homage to the origins of the brand.
Pajamas loaded with art with which to feel comfortable at home, thanks to its high-quality satin fabric.

Limited Edition

Tropico Collection

Discover our collection inspired by the Amazon, located in the tropics. Its leafy vegetation and its exotic animals stand out where color is the main protagonist.

Our Classic

Fur Slippers

Nicte Hawaiian Dream

  • Hipnos Nicte presents this Cruise collection of limited edition pajamas, the result of one of the brand's favorite destinations.
  • Hawaii is a dream come true and we let ourselves be influenced by its colorful flowers and beaches for the creation of these so special and unique pajamas.

Featured collection

Nicte Hawaiian Dream Collection

Our first design


Our first pajamas was the Hefesto, which is why it will always be one of the star products of Hipnos and Nicte.

Mexican Inspiration

Frida Satin

During our trip to Mexico we decided to make pajamas inspired by Frida Kahlo.

Currently one of our best sellers.